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`September 21st, 2013 - After almost three weeks away from the track Dereck Ramirez entered the opening round of the 15th Annual Featherlite Fall Jamboree on Thursday night. With 89 entries in the pits, the final round of the 2013 Hunt for the Casey's Cup saw its start delayed by almost three hours by Mother Nature. When action finally commenced it was Ramirez, who charged from the 11th starting spot to a 5th place finish, which left him just short of locking into the feature. Before b-main action could be contested the track's curfew would arrive, forcing the remainder of the program to be postponed until Friday evening.

On Friday action resumed with Dereck racing to a 2nd place finish in his consolation event to lock into the 17th starting spot for the 40 lap, $3,000-to-win feature. Ramirez went on to record a 17th place finish in the finale.

With Thursday's program completed a fresh $4,000-to-win race was held for the USMTS competitors, and with 90 entries in action Dereck battled issues in heat race before racing to a 4th place finish in b-main action, which resulted in him starting the main event in the 29th position. He retired early in the feature as a lap 7 trip to the pits left him with a 28th place finish.

Dereck hoped to end his weekend on a solid note on Saturday evening as the winner's check was increased to $8,000-to-win. After starting 6th in his heat race mechanical issues sidelined him to a 14th place finish. As a result he started 18th in a b-main and would advance to a 13th place finish, which brought his night to an early end.

Full results from the events as well as the final standings are available at

`September 1st, 2013 - The last full week of the Hunt for the Casey's Cup began on Thursday evening at Cedar County Speedway (Tipton, Iowa) with the USMTS. Twenty-nine competitors entered the $5,000-to-win race, and after only being able to advance from the 5th starting spot to a 4th place finish in his heat race Dereck was forced to run a b-main.

A 3rd place finish in his b-main sent Ramirez to the 18th starting spot for the finale. He would retire early from the feature to a 22nd place finish.

Dereck looked to bounce back on Friday evening as the Hunt for the Casey's Cup took the team to Chateau Raceway (Lansing, Minnesota) for a possible $8,600-to-win race, which came courtesy of Brew Pub Pizza. Time trials set line ups for heat race action, and with Ramirez qualifying 3rd fastest in his group he earned the 2nd starting spot for his heat race. He went on to claim the heat win to move onto the redraw for the feature, where he received the 7th starting spot. Ramirez raced in the top ten throughout the finale before crossing the finish line in 7th.

Deer Creek Speedway (Spring Valley, Minnesota) hosted the USMTS competitors on Saturday night with a $5,000 prize on the line. Dereck's night started on a strong note as a 4th to 2nd run in his heat race locked him into the redraw for the feature, where he received the 3rd starting spot. Ramirez had high hopes for the feature, but would battle the setup as he slid backwards to a 12th place finish.

The busy weekend drew to a close on Sunday evening at Cresco Speedway (Cresco, Iowa), and it would be a tough outing for Ramirez Motorsports. Heat race struggles sent him to the b-main, where he transferred to the feature in the 21st starting spot. In the 40 lap, $3,000-to-win feature he would retire on lap 2 to a 24th place finish.

Ramirez is 8th in the latest Hunt for the Casey's Cup standings. Full results from the events as well as the latest standings are available at